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RTT Podcast: Western Kentucky

Live tonight at 9:00 PM ET, or download and listen later.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The RockyTopTalk podcast returns tonight live at 9:00 PM ET, and we're joined by our old friend Glenn Logan of A Sea of Blue.  Glenn is a Western Kentucky alum and just saw the Hilltoppers first hand in their victory over the Wildcats last week.  We'll preview the Vols and Western Kentucky, discuss our level of confidence/anxiety, and probably throw in a little UT/UK basketball for good measure.

And as always, if you're listening along with us live, we invite your comments below.  If you've got a question or a thought on anything and everything UT/WKU, let us know and we'll be happy to try to work it in the conversation.

We're live tonight at 9:00 PM ET, and same rules apply as always:

You can listen live by clicking the sometimes magic orange widget below. Or you can wait, download it later, and listen to it in your car on the way to work tomorrow.