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Tennessee-WKU Guessing Game

Apologies for the snafus last week, but I think I have them all ironed out. And a word of warning, because I almost forgot to do this tonight and then panicked when it fully dawned on me that tomorrow's an early game: Do these now, because you may not have time in the morning. This has been a public service announcement.

So remember, use the form to enter your answers and then come back and post them here for discussion purposes. For the record, here are mine:

If you've played before, choose your RTT screen name from the list below. If this is your first time playing, choose "NEW PARTICIPANT." Joel Hollingsworth
How many net rushing yards does UT end up with? 201 - 230
How many sacks does UT get? 2
How many more TDs does Tennessee get than it gives up? (We're talking actual TDs, not just 7-point increments.) 1

Good luck and Go Vols!