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The Lady Vol Hangout with Swish Appeal

Swish Appeal's Nate Parham joins the usual cast of Lady Vol coverage characters around 3 PM EST (and we try and figure out how to broadcast live because we don't do these nearly frequently enough.)

Wait, you might get drafted?
Wait, you might get drafted?
Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Stay tuned to this space as Chris and Hooper will be talking with Nate Parham of Swish Appeal around 3 PM. Topics will include;

  • What on earth happened with Nate's expectations of Tennessee (short version; he made us look dour)
  • Meighan Simmons, draft prospect?
  • Ariel Massngale and the leap year
  • Isabelle Harrison and the growth spurt
As usual, your video is below, or at least it will be shortly.

Got questions of your own? Put 'em in the comments. We should be done well in advance of the Texas A&M game (tipping off at 4:05 PM EST - we'll have our usual separate thread for that).