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Vols beat Mocs 45-10, look good in spots

Tennessee looked both good and bad in a rout of the UTC Mocs.

Stacy Revere

The Tennessee Volunteers put up 45 points and held the Mocs to 10 in what looks to be a rout on the scoreboard. You could also probably make an argument that it was, in fact, a rout. Tennessee looked great in certain aspects of the game. The defense held UTC to just over 200 total yards, 11 first downs, and 5 third down conversions, and they looked impressive doing it.

The offense, too, had some decent stats, putting up 340 total yards (123 of which were on the ground using mostly backup running backs), and there were three (everybody say in their surprised voice, "3?!") running touchdowns on quarterback keepers. The difference, though, is that the offense didn't look especially impressive doing it. They were given short fields much of the time, and the sacks . . .  oh, the sacks . . . were much, much too common. There is really no excuse for ever having a 4th-and-28 against an FCS school. The offensive line, along with everything it impacts, is going to continue to be a real problem.

But win they did. And that makes three. The Vols need three more, and with Vandy, South Carolina, Kentucky, and a schizophrenic Missouri team that got skunked by a Gurley-less Georgia team today left on the schedule, a bowl is still in play.

Next up, Ole Miss.