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Butch Jones Press Conference Thread

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

It's Monday again, so Butch Jones will be giving his weekly press conference at noon, in which he will wrap up Chattanooga and look ahead to Ole Miss. The link should be available at

Last week, there were no questions about Chattanooga and a lot of questions about the state of Tennessee. Expect that to change this week, as the Vols' next opponent is ranked #3 in the country. Last week, Jones was asked over and over and over about the state of the offensive line. After that performance against Chattanooga and with an elite defense on deck in Oxford, those questions are just as relevant now as they ever were. Jones had no immediate fix last week and won't have one again this week, but the questions will continue until improvement shows on the field.

As usual, if schedules permit, I will give live updates on the press conference in the comments section.