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RTT Locks Week 7 Recap

The one-eyed man is king.

They're even wearing the same colors!
They're even wearing the same colors!
Leon Halip

"Everybody is over .500. . . chances that continues one more week?" we asked. Evidently, they were low. And in the land of losses, the .500 picker is king.

Current Standings

I_S: 3-3 this week, 23-19 overall

KidB: 2-3-1 this week, 20-20-2 overall

Chris: 1-5 this week, 20-21-1 overall

Chris' Picks:

Stanford/WSU under 55. 34-17 adds up to 51, giving Chris a narrow cover and the highlight of his week. 1-0

Michigan State -21 over Purdue. Purdue scored 31 points in this game, so I'm assuming Michigan State's defense was replaced by Eastern Michigan's. 1-1

West Virginia -5.5 over Texas Tech. Texas Tech has no defense! This is a great pick! West Virginia also has no defense. 1-2

Oklahoma State -20.5 over Kansas. I keep trying to tell Chris that Charlie Weis doesn't coach here anymore, but he just doesn't listen. 1-3

ECU -15.5 over Complacency. Complacency jumped out to a ten-point lead, and while the Pirates were able to stage a comeback, they were not able to cover the 15.5. 1-4

LSU/Florida under 47. John Chavis and Will Muschamp: just what the doctor ordered for two struggling offenses. Except Tennessee's apparently. 1-5.

KidB's Picks:

Washington State +17 over Stanford. Roll tied. 0-0-1

Michigan State -21 over Purdue. Apparently KidB also missed the "Michigan State and Eastern Michigan trade defenses" memo. 0-1-1

Buffalo -14.5 over Eastern Michigan. But KidB really missed the memo. 0-2-1

LSU -1 over Florida. Not sure that this pick warranted the "top five best picks since 2011" confidence, but LSU was able to sneak out a victory and a cover. 1-2-1

Akron -14 over Hipster Miami. You probably haven't heard of the score to this game. But Akron didn't cover. 1-3-1

FIU +13.5 over UTSA. UTSA looked good for a couple weeks and have since cratered. Ron Turner, on the other hand, is becoming a covering machine. What is the world coming to? 2-3-1

I_S' Picks:

Wisconsin/Illinois over 58. Illinois might be terrible, but they are usually good about scoring some points in their losses. 1-0

ULM +21 over Kentucky. Way to keep the guys focused, Mark. You continue to do good work up in Lexington. Jerk. 1-1

UNC +16.5 over Notre Dame. The Heels were unable to bring home I_S' stupid underdog pick, but they played well enough to at least make him not look that stupid. And to cover. 2-1

UNLV +10 over Fresno State. UNLV, on the other hand, played well enough to make I_S regret picking UNC for his stupid underdog. The cover and the win. 3-1

Texas A&M -2 over Ole Miss. I think it's time to remember that nobody thought A&M would be good in preseason and that the only reason they got into the top ten was by scoring a lot of points on South Carolina, and. . . well, where's Kentucky's top ten ranking? 3-2

Penn State +1 over Michigan. Is Brady Hoke still trying to save his job? It won't work, but you have to respect the effort. Unless you're a Michigan fan. 3-3

How did you do?