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Tennessee at Ole Miss Second Half Thread

Join along with the internet's best commenting system for the second half in Oxford.

Brett Deering

The Vol Defense came to play, holding Ole Miss to 174 yards in 40 plays.  But most of those yards came in a two-drive burst late in the first half, turning a 3-0 Tennessee game into a 14-3 Rebel lead at halftime.

Justin Worley regressed after a sharp start to 13 of 19 for 120 yards (6.3 YPA) and two interceptions.  Bo Wallace is just 8 of 19 for 128 yards, but Vince Sanders has four catches for 108 yards, including two consecutive big ones for a third down conversion and a touchdown on true freshman Emmanuel Moseley, seeing more action tonight than he has all year.

Ole Miss has 20 carries for just 46 yards.  The Vols are negative in the rush column thanks to, you guessed it, five quarterback sacks allowed.  Jalen Hurd has 7 carries for 13 yards.

This is your open thread for the second half in Oxford.  The Vols will receive to start the third quarter.