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Butch Jones Press Conference Thread

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

As usual, Butch Jones will be giving his weekly press conference today at noon. As usual, the link is not up at the time of the writing but should be up shortly on As usual, I will provide live updates in the comments if schedule permits.

Tennessee is coming off its most one-sided loss of the season, in which many of the same issues that have plagued the Vols for weeks were the main contributors to Tennessee's inability to stay within striking distance of Ole Miss. Butch Jones has been answering questions about the offensive line for a couple weeks now, and he will likely answer questions about them again. It is unlikely that Jones will have new answers on this front, but until the line takes a noticeable step forward, he will get questions. He should provide updates on Marcus Jackson and Coleman Thomas, who were banged up Saturday, and Jacob Gilliam, who played again despite suffering a torn ACL less than two months ago. And most importantly, he should provide an update on the status of Justin Worley, who was banged up in the loss to Ole Miss and needs to be ready to go against Alabama.