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Butch Jones Press Conference Thread

Kevin C. Cox

As usual, Butch Jones will be giving his weekly press conference today at noon. As usual, the link is not up at the time of the writing but should be easy to find on when this post goes live. As usual, if everything is working properly, I will provide live updates in the comment section, so follow along if you aren't able to watch live.

Jones was forced by injuries into changes at both quarterback and offensive line this week, and they worked significantly better than expected, so expect to get questions on both subjects. After recapping the Alabama game, Jones will preview Saturday's game against South Carolina, which will start a stretch of four intra-division games to close the season. After playing two consecutive top five teams, the Vols now play four straight unranked teams and need to win three of four to make a bowl, so carrying the positives from Saturday into the November will be key.