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Rocky Top Locks, Week 9 Recap

Why are we terrible at picking?

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New rule: pick against the picks of anybody who is above .500. In week 9, Chris follows his 6-0 with a losing week, while KidB and I_S tread water.

Current Standings

Chris: 2-4 this week, 28-25-1 overall.

I_S: 3-2-1 this week, 27-26-1 overall.

KidB: 3-3 this week, 25-27-2 overall.

Chris' Picks

Virginia Tech +3 over Miami. If Chris can't win, at least he doesn't have to stress. VT gets housed 30-6 in front of a home crowd on a Thursday night, and Chris goes to bed early. 0-1

Maryland +11 over Wisconsin. If Chris can't win, at least he doesn't have to stress. Wisconsin was interested in beating Miami's margin of cover, and they did it in style with a 52-7 home win over the Terps. I'm pretty sure 34 points isn't the worst margin of loss for our pickers this season, but it's pretty impressive. 0-2

Missouri -20.5 over Vanderbilt. If Missouri can't score on offense against Vanderbilt, Missouri can't score on offense. In the unpleasant event of Tennessee's offensive uptick being an aberration, we might see nothing but field goals and defensive touchdowns on November 22. 0-3

Ole Miss -3.5 over LSU. Is LSU putting things together, or is it just still pretty tough to win in Death Valley at night? 0-4

USC/Auburn over 65. South Carolina's offense showed up, and Auburn's offense did Auburn offense things. 1-4

Utah +1 over Southern Cal. Utah is now 6-1 with wins over both Los Angeles schools and a loss to Washington State. In case you were wondering. 2-4

KidB's Picks

Oregon -17.5 over Cal. The Kid does have to stress, but Oregon manages to pull out a half-point cover. Because Cal tried to go for two and cut the Oregon lead to 16 late in the fourth quarter. The Kid should send a thank-you note to Sonny Dykes for thinking he still had a chance down 18 with four minutes left. 1-0

UAB +26.5 over Arkansas. The Kid follows up a half-point cover with a point-and-a-half loss. This was not quite as unlucky as Oregon was lucky--UAB was down 45-3 late in the third and got a couple scores to make it semi-respectable. But not to cover. 1-1

Alabama -17.5 over Tennessee. When The Kid said Tennessee wouldn't score, he didn't know about DOOOOOBBBBZZZZZZZ. 1-2

Georgia Tech +3 over Pitt. The system travels indeed. 2-2

Louisiana Tech -9.5 over USM. Point-and-a-half cover gives The Kid some nice symmetry with the Arkansas game. 3-2

Utah State -17 over UNLV. Never bet the road team in. . . wait, this was in Logan? Whatever, it happens I guess. 3-3

I_S' Picks

Texas +10 over Kansas State. Maybe Texas isn't feisty after all. 0-1

Minnesota -6.5 over Illinois. Illinois is hilariously terrible, so Minnesota loses straight up because reasons. [Sidenote: Minnesota is no longer alone in first in the B1G West. They are now tied with Long Beach State Nebraska.] 0-2

NIU/EMU under 61. "21-10 a whole lot more likely than 38-28." Final is 28-17. I'm calling that close enough. 1-2

Kentucky +14 over Mississippi State. I admitted the line was short but was taking Kentucky anyways. If the line hadn't been short, Kentucky would've covered. Instead, I_S becomes the last picker to pick up a push this season. 1-2-1

UNC +7 over UVA. "Bet the 4-4 Coastal" is just good strategy at this point. 2-2-1

Georgia Tech +3 over Pittsburgh. "Bet the 4-4 Coastal" is just good strategy at this point. 3-2-1

How did you do?