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Talking Points: Jones Coy On Quarterbacks

Head Coach Butch Jones frustrates the author with his reluctance to give Joshua Dobbs his propers.

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Football Miscellany

"Obviously some of the things we did with Josh alleviated some of the stress and pressure on the offensive line just because of the dual threat, different gap schemes and things."

"Josh will continue to get first team reps, but I also have to guard against crowning individuals. I know everyone's excited and they're looking for positive things and there are a lot of positive things, but that's one game. When you start watching the tape--and Josh would be the first to tell you--there's a number of plays left out there, a number of opportunities left out there," 

"So now, how can he transition from game one to game two; the fundamentals, the fine details, the command presence we expect. He's going to continue to need to develop and show growth. He's not by any means a finished product, but I did like some of the things he's done. I thought Nate Peterman had a very good week of preparation too and we'll see what kind of progress Justin makes."

Injury Report

  • Trevarris Saulsberry (left knee) has been ruled out for South Carolina.
  • Sophomore WR Josh Smith remains out with a leg injury, and may be a candidate for a medical redshirt.
  • On the offensive line, there is a chance that Marcus Jackson will return this weekend.  Coleman Thomas is ahead of schedule generally, but will likely not be ready for South Carolina
  • Owen Williams will be available to play.
  • Devrin Young is listed as questionable.

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