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Rocky Top Locks Week 10

This is THE week, y'all.

Which way do we "lean"?
Which way do we "lean"?
Kevin C. Cox

We really aren't very good at this....until now.  Things are about to change this week.  We're gonna row the boat.  We're gonna keep rowing the boat.

Current Standings

Chris: 2-4 last week, 28-25-1 overall.

I_S: 3-2-1 last week, 27-26-1 overall.

KidB: 3-3 last week, 25-27-2 overall.

Chris's "2013 Was So Last Year" Picks

East Carolina (-7) @ Temple - If it looks like a trap, smells like a trap, and Temple has absolutely no offense, I'll pull the trigger, sure. Not like anything else this year is going well anyway.

Virginia @ Georgia Tech UNDER 56 - steering right into the unwatchable football skid.

Georgia (-13) v. Florida - Okay, fine, I wasn't right about Lane Kiffin, but if Will Muschamp isn't a Georgia mole I'll eat Les's hat*.

Old Dominion @ Vanderbilt UNDER 61 - Picking a winner in this game depresses me horribly. Picking the under fills me with glee.

Ohio State (-28) v. Illinois - Yes, you beat Minnesota. Don't go getting all happy about it.

Arizona State (-5.5) v. Utah - Utah's a fun bet when they're playing teams from SoCal, but beyond that they're a fun bet for entirely different reasons.

*not eating Les's hat; don't you know where that's been?

KidB's "Free Money" Picks

Florida State-3.5 over LOUISVILLE: Louisville will have a great deal of difficulty scoring on FSU.

Cincinnati-4 over TULANE:  What animal has two thumbs and thinks Vegas is giving too much weight to the "weekday road game" factor?

GEORGIA TECH-3 over Virginia: I'll jump back on the Ramblin' Wreck train.

Arkansas State-14.5 over IDAHO: Biggie ups to Idaho on getting the 29-17 win against New Mexico State at home.  But Arky State, despite a lackluster performance last week, is still the best team in the conference, and will beat them soundly.  Idaho's football team just isn't particularly good at the game of football.  Basically, if Idaho's football team were a mailman, it would deliver tacos to you instead of delivering your mail.

Air Force-3.5 over ARMY: The Falcons are primed to secure the Commander-in-Chief Trophy for the first time since 2011.  They're not going to beat Navy and then lose to Army.  Not this year.  And in addition to beating Army, they should beat them by 4 or more.

Western Michigan-6.5 over HIPSTER MIAMI: Row the boat.  Just keep on rowing the boat.

I_S's "Milos Raonic Quality" Picks

UNC +14.5 over Miami. You can't bet towards 4-4 anymore when everybody is at .500, but are you telling me that one Coastal Division team is 14.5 points better than another Coastal Division team? Because I'm not sure I believe that.

Georgia State +11.5 over Appalachian State. Good work housing Troy and all, but Troy is really terrible at the game of football. This is still a team that lost to Southern Miss, and Georgia State has played their fair share of competitive losses.

Indiana +7 over Michigan. Farewell, Brady.

Kentucky +7 over Missouri. How many defensive touchdowns can the Tigers get?

Colorado State -7 over San Jose State. Colorado State got good when you weren't paying attention.

Arkansas State -14.5 over Idaho. My other consideration was Wyoming, but they always get killed when I pick them. You're welcome, Hooper.

Your turn.  Go!