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Welp: Florida Gators Up 10-9 Against Tennessee When The Final Whistle Blows

In what can be described as a game that happened on a football field, Florida managed to not lose 10-9 to Tennessee.

Should've played all four quarters IMO.
Should've played all four quarters IMO.
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

If you managed to miss this game: congratulations are in order. If you didn't, my condolences. Florida rode a freshman quarterback, Treon Harris, to 10 late points, overcoming a few failed Tennessee drives that ended in field goals to be ahead when the clock struck zeroes, 10-9.

This was a three-hour party of errors and mistakes on both sides of the ball and both sidelines. On Tennessee's side, they were hamstrung by a few crucial freshman moments: Josh Malone picked a bad game to get a case of the drops, a couple of terrible third-down false-start penalties when Florida was clearly out of positions. On Florida's side, they let Jeff Driskel play the better part of three quarters.

According to TheScore app I'm looking at right now, Treon Harris was the top performer of the game, going 2/4 for 17 yards. I don't know how much I'd argue with that.

So: that was a disappointment. Let's talk silver linings:

  • Seriously, the mistakes were freshman mistakes. Horrifically timed sure, but when you ride with 20+ freshmen this is going to happen. Hopefully they, y'know, don't all happen at once, but Jason Croom had a blinder against Oklahoma. This was just Josh Malone's turn in the blender.
  • This was Florida strength vs. Tennessee weakness. Florida's defensive line caused all kinds of problems, and lest you blame Mike Bajakian for playcalls: please describe how an offensive coordinator can counteract an offensive line that can't block the guys in front of them.
  • There are other games on the schedule. That was an utter mess; now forget about it and move on to the next one.
  • There are a lot of other good games this week. Go watch one. Wash the taste out of your mouth.