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RTT Locks Week 6 Recap

Hey look, some tennis player I've never heard of is in first place.

Victor Decolongon

We had to go to the second tiebreaker to produce a winner this week, as I_S and The Kid stormed* back to loosen Chris' death grip on first place.

Current Standings

I_S: 4-2 this week, 20-16 overall

Chris: 1-4-1 this week, 19-16-1 overall

KidB: 4-2 this week, 18-17-1 overall

Chris' Picks:

Oregon (-23.5) over Arizona. Leading with the straight up loss as a three-TD favorite. That's a strong opening move. Let's see how he follows it. 0-1

Oklahoma State (-17) over Iowa State. Oklahoma State threatens to unseat Oregon for worst pick, but just before halftime, they decide to play long enough to give Chris hope of winning this pick before allowing the backdoor push. This makes this one of the highlights of the week for Mr. Pendley. 0-1-1

West Virginia (-26) over Kansas. See what happens when you lose your decided schematic advantage, West Virginia? Wait, what? It was Kansas that lost their advantage? Oh, now I see why Chris picked them. When you lose such a quality head coach, you expect the team to suffer. Hard to blame Chris for not seeing their gritty 19-point loss this week. 0-2-1

Wisconsin (-8) over Northwestern. Ah, back to the straight up losses by favorites. All is right with the world. 0-3-1

Baylor (-15) over Texas. They're still Baylor, and Texas is still Texas. 1-3-1.

Alabama (-7) over Ole Miss. Three out of six isn't bad. One could hypothetically make some serious dough by betting moneyline against Chris' favorites. Roll Tide. 1-4-1

KidB's Picks

Arizona State (+12) over Southern Cal. Never even worried about this one, right Kid? Moneyline cash. 1-0

Notre Dame (+2) over Stanford. Moneyline Cash II. Can the Kid provide a mirror to Chris' three hits this week? 2-0

Baylor (-15) over Texas. If so, we'll have to wait, because Baylor was favored. 3-0

South Carolina (-5) over Kentucky. Here it is! The third upset in the Kid's six-pack! But it looks like this one went against him. Mark Stoops for SEC Coach of the Year or Something. 3-1

USA (-3.5) over Appalachian State. 'murrca. 4-1

Wisconsin (-8) over Northwestern. Two dogs that win on the moneyline, two favorites that lose on the moneyline. The Kid has an appreciation for symmetry. 4-2

I_S' Picks

Arizona State (+12) over Southern Cal. An excellent pick with impeccable reasoning. Clearly. 1-0

Clemsoning (-14) over NC State. An excellent pick with impeccable reasoning. Obviously. 2-0

Georgia State (+17) over Ooh La La. An excellent pick with impeccable reasoning. Naturally. 3-0

Virginia Tech (-2) over North Carolina. An excellent pick with impeccable reasoning. Wait. . . seriously? UNC was only a two-point dog in this one? 4-0

Rutgers (-2.5) over Brady Hoke. This marks the third week in a row where I_S loses a pick by a point or less. Fate was trying to prepare him for his experience in Neyland Saturday. It didn't work. 4-1.

Tulsa (+14.5) over Colorado State. Either Jim McElwain is good at avoiding letdowns, or Tulsa is puretrash. File these two bits of useful potential information away wherever you have such files 4-2.

How did you do?

*for some values of "stormed"