Why I hate Kentucky

Tennessee fans are quick to explain to you their reasons for hating Alabama and Florida. Usually, it's because they beat us.

But folks, I'm here today to discuss one of my favorite rivalries: Tennessee-Kentucky.

Now, most of you probably don't take this rivalry as seriously as I do. You say, "Dusty, come on now buddy, we beat them every year." To you, I have but one thing to say: Good.

You see, for me and my family, it's #KentuckyHateWeek. We have a deep burning hatred for the Big Blew. It's burns in my heart as one of my favorite games of the year. And I'll tell you why.

1. Conversations With Kentucky Fans: Have you ever tried to have a real conversation with a Kentucky fan? If you have, then you know that eventually, they will turn the conversation towards Basketball.

"Hey Steve, that's a mighty fine riding mower you got there."

"Yup. It was half off and Calipari got him 8 McDonalds All-Americans."

Oh, and of course, don't bring up Tennessee football to a Kentucky fan. This becomes their train of thought.

Tennessee Football>Tennessee Basketball>Lady Vols> National Champions> Kentucky Basketball

2. This guy

3. I Hate Bourbon: How can you call that Whiskey? It's Oak flavored rubbing alcohol. I mean, come on! It really just taste like a tree threw up in some bad mouth wash.

I will take my Whiskey charcoal mellowed, smooth and delicious.

4. Kentucky Derby: Horse racing? You might as well host a tiddlywinks tournament.

5. The One Time in My Lifetime they Beat Us in Football: Thanks Dooley. I'm sure i'll hear about that for the next 26 years.

6. Confused Cultural Identity: Southerners? Yankees? Mountain-folk? El Chupacabra? It seems like everyone you meet from that state has a different identity they associate with their home.

Their love of basketball does give credence to the midwestern claims. However, they are in the SEC. They do have a deep cultural tie to bluegrass and mountain music. They did and didn't break away from the Union.

Get off the fence Kentucky.

7. My friends from the Bluegrass State: This is all in good fun. I have a lot of friends from the Bluegrass state who are truly amazing people. But this week, they are enemy number one.


Let's give 'em some Cat Slap Fever.

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