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RTT Locks Week 12 Recap

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The one in last has a winning week, the one in first has a losing week. That's how it's gone all season for us. Want your picks to win: fade the leader.

Week 12 Results

KidB: 2-4, 37-33-2 overall

I_S: 4-2, 35-35-2 overall

Chris: 2-4, 34-37-1 overall

Chris' Picks

South Carolina +7 over Florida. Now look what you did, you got Muschamp fired. Thanks a lot, Chris. 1-0

TCU -28.5 over Kansas. There was actually a time in the second half where Kansas had a double-digit lead. I don't understand that any more than you do, but Chris' picks against Kansas have had a lot less success post-Weis. 1-1

Notre Dame -17.5 over Northwestern. Chris only threatened the straight up loss with TCU, he delivered with Notre Dame. Down go the Irish. 1-2

Arizona -9 over Washington. Arizona required two chances at a last second field goal to win by 1. Which is less than 9. 1-3

Auburn +2.5 over Georgia. So Auburn only scored seven points against a defense that made Justin Worley look like the best quarterback in the East. So. . . yeah. 1-4

Florida State -2.5 over Miami. You can tell it's a rough year when even your jinxes don't work. 2-4

KidB's Picks

South Carolina +7 over Florida. Seriously, y'all, am I the only one who wanted Muschamp to stay around? 1-0

Clemson -3 over Georgia Tech. Clemson is really not great this year. As evidenced by them failing to reach double-digits against a Georgia Tech defense that isn't going to be confused with Ole Miss. 1-1

Arkansas State -14.5 over Appalachian State. Chris and KidB both managed to pick a double-digit favorite that lost straight up, and I think it's time to say that the Appalachian State of the second half of the season is not the same team as the Appalachian State that lost to Southern Miss and Liberty. 1-2

Florida State -2.5 over Miami. Needed all 60 minutes to get the cover here, but get the cover they did. 2-2

Auburn +2.5 over Georgia. This didn't work any better for the Kid than it did for Chris. 2-3

Georgia Southern +3 over Navy. Georgia Southern has been consistently undervalued all season. They were not undervalued this week. 2-4

I_S' Picks

Temple +11.5 over Penn State. Wait, Penn State scored 30 points? What the. . . oh, they had two drives of less than 25 yards, another two-play drive, and a defensive touchdown. And things become clear. 0-1

Iowa -3.5 over Illinois. Illinois is terrible and fading them at short numbers is a good idea except when they're playing Minnesota for some reason. 1-1

Georgia Southern +3 over Navy. Georgia Southern has been consistently undervalued all season. They were not undervalued this week. 1-2

Memphis -10.5 over Tulane. Comfortable cover for the Tigers, who for the first time in a while are easily among the top two teams in the state. Justin Fuente is doin' work, y'all. 2-2

Cal +15 over Southern Cal. This pick looked horrible at halftime, but Cal stormed through the backdoor and managed the cover. 3-2

Boise/SDSU over 55. Cleared 55 with plenty of room to spare. 4-2

How did everyone else do?