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Rocky Top Locks Week 10 Recap

The Kid Rocks out with his picks out, going 6-0 and grabbing the overall lead, as if there were ever any doubt.

Steve didn't do quite as well as KidB
Steve didn't do quite as well as KidB
Streeter Lecka

Current Standings

KidB: 6-0 this week, 31-27-2 overall.

Chris: 2-4 this week, 30-29-1 overall.

Hooper: 2-4 this week, 30-29-1 overall.

I_S: 1-4-1 this week, 28-30-2 overall.

Chris's "2013 Was So Last Year" Picks

East Carolina (-7) @ Temple - It was a trap.  Temple won 20-10.  Definitely a trap.  0-1

Virginia @ Georgia Tech UNDER 56 - steering right into the unwatchable football skid.  Georgia Tech 35-10.  1-1.

Georgia (-13) v. Florida - "Betting on Mark Richt is always a smart play," said no one, ever.  1-2.

Old Dominion @ Vanderbilt UNDER 61 - Vandy rolls 42-28, which is well over 61 points.  I would have to look back to see Chris' rationale for this terrible pick, but I am fairly confident that it was in fact terrible.  1-3.

Ohio State (-28) v. Illinois - I can't knock a man for fading Dogtrash Illinois.  tOSU wins something like 145-3.   Or thereabouts.  2-3.

Arizona State (-5.5) v. Utah - Peeps keep sleeping on the Utes.  and I thought I_S was the one with irrational love for Arizona State.  Oh well.  ASU wins 19-16, but doesn't cover the spread.  2-4.

KidB's "Free Money" Picks

Florida State-3.5 over LOUISVILLE: The jig is up on these Thursday night road games.  The Thursday night road factor has been factored into the lines.  FSU wins 42-31. 1-0.

Cincinnati-4 over TULANE:  Who has two thumbs and had a very nice week picking games?  2-0.

GEORGIA TECH-3 over Virginia: It's a comfy train.  I like it here.  3-0.

Arkansas State-14.5 over IDAHO: Arkansas State made me sweat it out, but still ended up prevailing over opponent and spread, 44-28.  4-0.

Air Force-3.5 over ARMY: Easy breezy beautiful here.  Falcons roll 23-6.  5-0.

Western Michigan-6.5 over HIPSTER MIAMI: Western Michigan rowed the boat, per usual.  They won 41-10.  It was quite easy.   6-0.

I_S's "Milos Raonic Quality" Picks

UNC +14.5 over Miami. I actually thought this was a decent pick at the time, but luckily I was wrong as Miami won by like 90.  0-1.

Georgia State +11.5 over Appalachian State. See above. 0-2

Hey Milos!

Indiana +7 over Michigan. It's one thing to fade a program in chaos.  It's quite another to do it when they're playing football. Meeshegan prevails. 34-10.  Sad face for I_S.  0-3. 

Kentucky +7 over Missouri. I sure hope Tennessee can beat one of these terrible teams.  Mizzou wins 20-10.  Sad face for I_S.  0-4

Colorado State -7 over San Jose State. Colorado State got kinda good when we weren't paying attention, but just not quite good enough to cover this spread.  38-31.  It's a push.  0-4-1

Arkansas State -14.5 over Idaho. Way to tail The Kid, I_S.  Good decision.  1-4-1.