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Rocky Top Locks Recap, Week 13

The Rocky Top Talk Locks crew, brought to you by #goacc.

That was just cruel, Bret. Hilarious, but cruel.
That was just cruel, Bret. Hilarious, but cruel.
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not even sure why we bother at this point. Vegas, you win this round, although I managed to not lose well enough to get the recap this week, breaking my continual streaks of 2-4 to finish .500 on the week.

Yeah. Who's ready for 2015?


  • kidbourbon: 2-4 this week, 39-37-2 overall (bad)
  • I_S: 3-3 this week, 38-38-2 overall (the definition of average)
  • Chris: 3-3 this week, 37-40-1 overall (why are you even doing this)

CHRIS'S "2013 Was So Last Year" PICKS

Duke (-6) v. North Carolina - Blowing this game in style, which seems to be a repeatable skill.

Minnesota (+10.5) at Nebraska - An outright win for the Golden Gophers, who are actually doing some weird fun things in Minneapolis. Either that or Bo Pelini's going X-4 again.

Northwestern at Purdue UNDER 50. Seven turnovers and Northwestern's first punt return TD in two years ended up in 52 points in this game. I hate everything.

Arizona State (-16) vs. Washington State - y'all still lost in Corvalis, Todd Graham, and you took forever to get going in this game.

East Carolina (-17.5) v. Tulane - outgained their opponent by about 175 and won. Was that so hard?

Utah (-4) v. Arizona - Mental note: don't take two Arizona teams in the same weekend.

KIDB's "Free Money PICKS

Ole Miss-3 at Arkansas: for all the fuss about how F+/- can result in negative projected scores, by Vegas standards this game ended 30-(-3), so that's how you end up with negative scores.

Arkansas State-5.5 over Texas State:  Probably would've had this if he hadn't included anything from Five for Fighting in the justification if we want to be honest with ourselves.

Western Michigan+1 over Central Michigan: kidbourbon: excellent in noting there's maybe one half-decent MAC team, but that would require watching MAC games, so ....yeah, you be you, dude.

Northwestern PK over Purdue:  I have no idea how this line was a pick-em, but it worked.

FLORIDA STATE-19.5 over Boston College:  Spoiler! Florida State did it again, both in the sense of sleepwalking through the game and then taking advantage of one badly-timed opponent mistake to win (but fail to cover) in completely unfulfilling fashion.

Miami-6 over VIRGINIA:  How bad is this year for the pick crew? We're losing head-to-head games against I_S, twice if you're the kid.

I_S's "David Ferrer Against Top Players" PICKS

Air Force +5 over San Diego State. I'd be lying if I knew anything about either team, but so would I_S.

Boston College +19.5 over Florida State. Pretty smart idea to assume Florida State doesn't bother to show up at this point, but you know if you steer into the skid they're beating Florida by about 65.

Virginia +6 over Miami. Nice pull for a letdown game after the FSU choke job, although FSU is turning the barely-escape into an art form. I mean, it's an art form like Daniel Moore paintings are art, but someone's paying for a watercolor painting of Roberto Aguayo missing a figgie. And yes, I'm talking about FSU because nobody watched this game.

Washington -6.5 over Oregon State. I have no idea if the Pac-12 North is any good (Oregon excepted), but Oregon State is usually good for one inexplicable home upset (happened last week) and sucking on the road (happened this week) even in their worst forms.

Hawai'i -10 over UNLV. Next time leave the apostrophe out and they won't need a last-second TD to win the game. Related: last-second TDs are normally a sign you don't cover.

Marshall/UAB over 68. UAB: not everybody, apparently. Marshall: still undefeated, but horrifically missing this over.

Tune in next week as everybody goes 2-4 again!