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Rocky Top Locks Week 14

The regular season is mercifully winding to a close as Vegas rakes in the cash against the squares.

He's allowed in Publix
He's allowed in Publix
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Look, this is awful. You're only reading this on Thanksgiving because you're trying to get away from family, and your reward are these picks. The staff at Rocky Top Talk would like to apologize on behalf of the pickers.

  • KidB:  2-4 Last week, 39-37-2 overall (51%)
  • I_S:   3-3 Last week, 38-38-2 overall (50%)
  • Chris: 3-3 Last week, 37-40-1 overall (48%)

Chris's "2013 Was So Last Year" Picks

Texas (+6.5) v. TCU - If I'm not going to finish over .500 anyway, might as well go out with some of the stupidest bets I can think of.

UCLA (-5.5) v. Stanford - I'd offer a comment here about how this line looks like it was set in October, but Stanford's winning by three scores.

Virginia @ Virginia Tech UNDER 40.5 - you're welcome for the 51-44 shootout, Virginia (the state, not the school).

Ohio State (-21) v. Michigan - Urban Meyer has even less reason to put the brakes on this week than most weeks, with both burying a rival and style points for the Playoff Committee. (Also, I'm afraid of jinxing Tennessee, so there is zero way I'm picking them.)

Auburn @ Alabama OVER 53.5 - really looking forward to a last-second over. on this one.

Oregon State (+19.5) v. Oregon - afternoon/evening games in Corvalis can get weird; see what happened to Arizona State as an example. I think Oregon still wins, but a 3 TD margin in a rivalry game is tough when your opponent's better than Michigan.

KidB's "Free Money" Picks

TCU-6.5 over TEXAS:   I'm going to win this game and this means Chris is going to lose this game.

Arkansas-3 over MISSOURI:  There is simply no reasonable basis for believing that Missouri will end up in the SEC Championship Game.

DUKE-18 over Wake Forest: Duke should destroy Wake.  Will Shelton will love this result.

Tennessee-17 over VANDERBILT:  I'm renouncing my fanhood if we don't cover.

FLORIDA STATE-7 over Florida: In Jameis I still trust.  But, no, I wouldn't bet the first half line if gambling were legal in this country.  But seriously, Vegas, Muschampionships+7?  For realz?

Virginia PK over VIRGINIA TECH:  You can't win if you don't score.  #fact

I_S' "Milos Raonic Quality" Picks

Virginia Tech +1 over Virginia. Never trust a team that just played their best game of the season against a team that just played their worst game of the season. At this point, it's more likely a good/off week than a sign of a larger trend. Also, VT has won this game 10 years in a row and I can get them as a dog.

Appalachian State -17 over Idaho. Appy State has turned a corner. The only concern here is them getting up for the game after two consecutive wins against the Sun Belt's version of elite. Hoping senior night will provide sufficient motivation.

Georgia Tech +12.5 over Georgia. How much do you really trust that UGA defense to stay disciplined?

Mississippi State -2.5 over Ole Miss. Sure, I'll take the better team with a line under a FG.

Louisiana-Lafayette -10.5 over Troy. That Troy has beaten two consecutive terrible teams has not convinced me that they are competitive.

Cincinnati/Temple under 57.5. The Bearcats have a pretty solid offense, but Temple has a pretty solid defense, and their offense won't contribute much.

Your turn.  Go!