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RTT Locks Week 14 Recap

Only one more week until the merciful end.

Virginia Tech players celebrating in an end zone? This must be photoshopped
Virginia Tech players celebrating in an end zone? This must be photoshopped
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The RTT lock-pickers had yet another rough week, and we only have one person over .500 going into the final week of the season. If you're smart, you will pick against I_S this week, because if this season has shown us anything, it's that the worst place to be is the lead.

Current Standings

I_S: 4-1-1 this week, 42-39-3 overall

KidB: 2-4 this week, 41-41-2 overall

Chris: 1-5 this week, 38-45-1 overall

Chris' Picks

Texas +6.5 over TCU. After struggling against Kansas, TCU went into Donkey Kong's Royal Stadium and tried to show everyone that they belong in the playoffs. If people really thought Texas would keep it within a score, it might've worked too. 0-1

UCLA -5.5 over Stanford. So a team that was 0-5 against ranked teams and whose best win had come in a narrow, low-scoring game in Washington just stomped UCLA flat and sent Arizona to the Pac-12 title game. The Pac-12 South is weird this year. 0-2

Virginia/Virginia Tech under 40.5. After a scoreless regulation last week, VT managed just enough offense to both squeak this one out and send it over the total. 0-3

Ohio State -21 over Michigan. Ohio State didn't exactly look like a playoff contender. 0-4

Auburn/Alabama over 53.5. I'm going to be nice and assume Chris meant "Alabama over 55," because Auburn only scored 44. 1-4

Oregon State +19.5 over Oregon. Well, Oregon State almost scored 19.5. 1-5

KidB's Picks

TCU -6.5 over Texas. The Kid won this game which means Chris lost this game. 1-0

Arkansas -3 over Mizzou. There is simply no reasonable basis for believing Missouri will end up in the SEC Championship Game. They're definitely losing this week to. . . wait, they don't have any games left to make the SEC Championship Game? Okay, 1-1 I guess.

Duke -18 over Wake Forest. Wake is atrocious when not playing Virginia Tech. 2-1

Tennessee -17 over Vanderbilt. or "How The Kid Renounced His Fanhood." 2-2

Florida State -7 over Florida. Florida State tried really hard to lose this. Not hard enough, but it was enough for the non-cover. 2-3

Virginia PK over Virginia Tech. VT wins for the 11th year in a row. 2-4

I_S' Picks

VT +1 over Virginia. Love getting value on VT in this game after such a horrible performance the week before. 1-0

Appalachian State -17 over Idaho. 45-28 means I_S takes the push lead with three on the season. 1-0-1

Georgia Tech +12.5 over Georgia. Straight up! Now do it to Florida State. 2-0-1

Mississippi State -2.5 over Ole Miss. New rule: never take the favorite in the Egg Bowl. 2-1-1

Louisiana-Lafayette -10.5 over Troy. I still have no idea how this line was so short. 3-1-1

Cincinnati/Temple under 57.5. The last time a game involving Temple hit 50 points was October 11th. This one wouldn't have busted in blackjack. 4-1-1

How'd you do?