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Tennessee vs. Kansas State and Open Thread

When I'm writing the men's games threads, you know there's a problem.

His best necktie game, right here.
His best necktie game, right here.
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Volunteers basketball team is playing right now.  Unfortunately, you have the one writer who doesn't know a thing about this team other than that the head coach isn't too good at neckties.  As for the game, it's Tennessee vs. Kansas State in Knoxville, a part of the Big 12 / SEC challenge (or SEC / Big 12 challenge, I suppose).

There are also lots of interesting football games today, so feel free to chat about them in this thread as well.  Alabama vs. Analytics starts whenever the TV people get their commercial quota in.  Baylor gets to play for one last gasp at a playoff berth (and the endless angst of Head-to-Head Will if they win tonight and still trail TCU).  Florida State and Ohio State also get chances to make final cases or to shut themselves out of the playoffs entirely.  Go Jackets?

In other news, there will be a Lady Vols game vs. Lipscomb on Sunday.  You know, if you're interested.