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Repeat: Tennessee Lady Vols vs. Vanderbilt, 9 PM

Look, let's not do this again, okay?

It's going down / I'm yelling timber (lyric credit: Ke$ha / Pitbull)
It's going down / I'm yelling timber (lyric credit: Ke$ha / Pitbull)
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports


Radio: Mickey gonna go off if Webb tries that again

Gametracker: the way we were

When we last left Vanderbilt, they were riding Lisa Mattingly a hot night from their Christina Foggie / Jasmine Lister combination and some timely flopping interior scoring from Marqu'es Webb and, um, minutes from Rayte'a Long.

Look, that game sucked. Let's move on.

Since that game, Vanderbilt's gone 3-2 (2-2 against non-Baylor opponents), but the games have been close - a nine-point win against LSU, a four-point loss to South Carolina, a five-point loss at Missouri, and a two-point win against Texas A&M. (The TAMU win, by the way, came even with attempting 13 fewer free throws than Vanderbilt and the fearsome Webb/Long duo both fouling out, so that karmic debt's been paid one game too soon. F Heather Bowe had an efficiency of -2, which is Jasmine Jones against Notre Dame bad.)

Once again, we're gonna skip ahead since this is a repeat game. So what needs to change this time?

  • Not being in Memorial Gym. Check.
  • Avoid foul trouble. See not being in Memorial Gym and the Lisa Mattingly Watch below. (This is a teaser.) Also, the whole not-picking-up-a-tech-after-your-fourth-personal-foul thing is going to be good for business.
  • Foggie and Lister went for 43 points last time, so, y'know, don't do that. Try to avoid getting stuck in too much of the 1-3-1 and/or giving them freebie corner threes. Vandy's also going to run a lot of screen action, which Tennessee has struggled with before. This time Tennessee knows it's coming, which in theory should make it easier to stop.

Prediction: Tennessee 78-61. I'm just bitter.

Lisa Mattingly Watch: Moderate. She was in Gainesville last night championing Florida to a six-point win against Kentucky, and a 9 PM tip means that she's got all day to get from point A to point B. Since the squad in Memorial Gym was unable to tell the difference between an offensive foul and a horrific flop. Seriously, Webb; you don't weigh 40 pounds. Knock it off.

Is Ariel Massengale back? I don't know, but I hope so.