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Eric Berry's Younger Brothers Officially Welcomed into the Volunteer Family

Vols fans have been talking about it for years, and today, Evan and Elliott Berry finally became Vols.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

As Will mentioned in his terrific Who Are You and What Are You Doing Here post this morning, Tennessee hasn't really had an elite recruit pan out for more than a year since Eric Berry was the jewel of the 2007 class. Through the ongoing misery of the last several seasons, one of the constant refrains was the lack of such elite talent, whether that was for lack of recruiting it, developing it, or keeping it. Right on the heels of such lamentations, there was often the hopeful whisper that time would hurry its little self along and get Eric Berry's younger twin brothers Evan and Elliott all grown up and on campus already.

Well, they've been committed for awhile, but that official day is finally here, and both younger Berrys (Berries?) are in fact inked and officially coming to Tennessee. Elliott is a consensus 3-star athlete, at 6-0 and 206 pounds and projects to play . . . well, somewhere behind the defensive line. Evan is a 5-11, 196-pound 4-star defensive back recruit, and figures to play in the secondary.

Both of these guys obviously have the genes. (Their father was also a Volunteer back in the day, in case you don't remember.) They might not be as highly touted coming into the program as Eric was, but we all remember Eric talking about his younger brothers in glowing terms, saying they were better and faster than he was at their age. Maybe, maybe not, but either way, we'll get to find out, and it is so good to have all of them in the right shade of orange.