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Cuonzo Martin to Take Job at Cal

Jeff Goodman of ESPN is reporting that Cuonzo Martin will take the Cal head coaching job. Press conference at 2:30.

Jonathan Daniel

After flirting with Marquette, it seems Cuonzo Martin will be on his way out of Knoxville after all, as reports surfaced Tuesday afternoon that Martin will take the head coaching job at the University of California. Martin's future with Tennessee has been uncertain for a while, after he faced significant criticism in the early part of the season (including a completely unnecessary petition to replace him with the previous coach) and then made himself marketable with a run of strong play to close the season, culminating in a Sweet Sixteen.

But after the Marquette job was filled by another, it seemed as though Martin would remain in Knoxville for at least one more season. According to Jeff Goodman of ESPN, that is not to be. Martin will take the Cal job, and Tennessee will have another coaching search on our hands. Dave Hart will speak to the press at 2:30. We'll be talking about it here.