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Announcing the Official 2014 Rocky Top Talk T-Shirt

This year's winner of the Rocky Top Talk T-Shirt Design Contest won going away before we even voted.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the t-shirt design thread from last week. The plan was to gather up the designs and put them to a vote today, but one design went green almost immediately and garnered so many recs that a vote really isn't necessary.

So here's this year's Official Rocky Top Talk T-Shirt:


This masterpiece and conversation-starter by _trey_ packs a ton of fun into a single design. The stars represent Tennessee's six national championships, and the graphic works in both the Team 118 and brick-by-brick concepts. The 1891? That's the first year Tennessee played football.

And then there's the latin phrase Nulla Deprecationes Promittimus. You're going to have to look up the translation yourself because that's what makes it fun. When you wear the shirt, though, you're the star, and the punchline is all yours to be delivered (or not) at your discretion.

We'll likely make this available in black on orange, orange on white, orange on sport gray, black on sport gray, and orange on charcoal (which is very close to Tennessee's official Smokey Gray). If there are any other color combinations you'd like to see, let us know in the comments below. And yes, we'll make a ladies tee available as well.

These won't go on sale until probably next week when we start offering pre-orders of this year's edition of the preseason magazine.

Thanks again to everyone for brainstorming with us, and congratulations (and thanks) to _trey_ for the awesome design.