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Jason Carr adds his name to the transfer list, neither Butch Jones nor Donnie Tyndall are worried

Another day, another transfer, this time for the football team as lineman Jason Carr decides to leave the team. But Jones and Tyndall are still moving full speed ahead.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Vols sophomore lineman Jason Carr is transferring. Jones moved Carr, a fairly highly-rated recruit in the Class of 2013, from defensive tackle to offensive tackle after spring practice, but Jones believes Carr's decision to leave is about more than just the change in position:

"I spoke with Jason earlier today. We met about his future and his future plans, and right now he's in the process of prioritizing some things," Jones said during Tuesday's Big Orange Caravan stop in the Nashville area. "He's a tremendous young man - great character - and we wish him all the best."

. . . .

"I think it was multiple things," Jones said. "And we wish him luck."

That does leave the team even thinner along the line, but whatchagonnado?

Day X of Pig-Watch. Junior wide receiver Pig Howard is going to remain on campus for May mini-term classes to fulfill one of the items on his get-back-on-the-team punchlist. Jones:

"He will be on campus going to (May mini) term, and that was one of the requirements," Jones said during Tuesday's Big Orange Caravan stop in Franklin, Tenn. "It'll be an ongoing process right now, but Alton has done everything, taken every step necessary to this point in time to be a part of our football family. But this will be ongoing."

I've come to the conclusion we'll know if and when he's satisfied the last of his requirements when Jones stops calling him "Alton" and starts calling him "Pig" again.

Around 400 people showed up for the Big Orange Caravan in Nashville yesterday.

Donnie Tyndall remains unperturbed about all of the transfers and tells us to expect some news in the next few weeks that will make us all feel better:

"I will say this, though: People will be surprised in the next few weeks, as we sign a couple of players to add to the ones we've already signed. It'll end up being a much better recruiting class than most people probably thought would happen."

Okay, that would be cool. The men's basketball staff, by the way, met with the media on Tuesday, and there's like five videos to prove it. Get to know the guys with the handly Vols Playlist below.

And finally, the UT baseball team dug itself a 5-run hole before rallying back to tie only to commit two errors in the seventh inning to lose the game. Dave Serrano takes the blame for the lack of focus in the lead video of the playlist.