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Janzen Jackson Charged With Murdering His Mother's Boyfriend

In these United States of America, an accused man is presumed innocent, and that presumption remains intact unless and until the state proves his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. You still hate to see this.


Former standout Safety Janzen Jackson has been charged with murdering his mother's boyfriend, Frank Herrera, on September 11 of 2013.  He is alleged to have strangled Herrera to death and left his body to decompose in the back of a car.  I'm usually quite the jester around here, but I can't find anything funny to say about that, and so that's all I'm going to say about that.

Charles Mosley and Dewayne Hendrix are arguably a touch heavier than was your humble author when he first arrived on UT's campus.  Mosley weighs in at 374, which is an even dozen pounds heavier than his recruiting listing.  Hendrix tipped the scales at 273, which is an increase in 21 pounds. There was some speculation, either in a post here or in the magazine, or in a conversation I had with somebody, or in a conversation I had with myself, that the newly-arriving freshmen would roll into Knoxville with very unfreshman-like girth.  Speculation prevails. Full. Grown. Men.

As was noted on the front page yesterday, South-Doyle Running Back Joe Bruce has committed to play for the Vols next season.  Butch Jones is amazing.  Dude simply does not mess around. The man just seals deals left and right.  He works fast, and he's mad prolific to boot..  Basically if he were any faster or more prolific, we'd have to  transport him back to the late 70s and rename him Stevie Nicks.

Jarnell Stokes worked out for his hometown Memphis Grizzlies on Monday.  Stokes sounds excited about the possibility of ending up in Memphis.  But this is still, of course, a possibility.  Teams often work out lots of players they don't end up drafting.  Heck, I worked out for the Denver Nuggets twice last week.  Coach Shaw said that my jumper was "straight-up silkier than a Zhou Dynasty export, yo."  Okay, I can't back that up, and by no means am I trying to disparage the importance of a workout with the pro team representing his hometown.  But I'm also not sure he's going to get drafted next week.  He might.  He might not.  Emma Watson may one day give birth to my children.  Emma Watson may never give birth to my children, or even know my name.  Could go either way.  Right now it's about 50/50.


Diamond DeShields, formerly a guard for the North Carolina's ladies, has transferred to Tennessee to play for the Lady Vols.  Her mother was a standout heptathlete at UT in the early 90s.  Diamond DeShields is definitely the best name I've heard all week, and will likely be in the running for best names I've heard this month.  I mean, Diamond DeShields! That's a great name.

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