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Kahlil Mckenzie Puts the Beast in Beastmode

"There's no such thing as too many videos of Kahlil wreaking havoc, just like there is no such thing as having too many ice cream sandwiches in the freezer." -a wise man

Compiled into this post are all of the vine clips and gifs I could find (in an hour or so) of Kahlil Mckenzie just absolutely wreaking havoc and running over other large men like they were never even there in the first place.  Which is to say I've compiled all of the vine clips and gifs I could find (in an hour or so) of Kahlil Mckenzie.  Because that's all I've ever seen the guy do.

He's like Billy Madison playing dodgeball with third graders.  Except that the third graders here are actually the top offensive line recruits in the country.  Think about that for a second.  The guys that Mckenzie is going up against at The Opening are literally the best in the country at preventing another human being from running past them.  Nike devotes not-insubstantial resources to ensuring this is the case.  And then Kahlil just runs over them -- all of them -- like they're small children.  This is glorious glorious destruction, and it's coming to Neyland Stadium.

Kahlil Makes It Official

All Of The Below Carnage Is Officially Licensed to Kahlil

The guy he's going up against in this one below is a Bama commit.  I wonder how many sacks Mckenzie gets in his first game against Bama?  Vegas has the over under currently set at 14.5.  This is also the over under for Bama pass attempts. Seems reasonable.


Sometimes a still image tells the tale as well as any video:


Everybody Is Excited




In Closing


And it can't possibly that I found every clip.  Prove me right in the comments.