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Weekend Links: 2015 Recruits Making Noise

A round-up of the stories kicking around the Vol blogosphere on a lazy World Cup weekend.

The Alabama cycle of life: like butterflies but in reverse.
The Alabama cycle of life: like butterflies but in reverse.
Kevin C. Cox

Butcher's Boys

On the heels of Kahlil McKenzie's commitment announcement, four star defensive end and fellow Tennessee commit Andrew Butcher took to twitter to celebrate in a completely restrained, tasteful, and appropriate way. Oh, wait, he's a high school kid and a huge Tennessee fan, and the guy who just committed (and will play next to him for at least two years) has been absolutely dominating other elite recruits, so instead, he wrote this:


He later deleted the tweet (although it was preserved for posterity by, but not quickly enough to avoid a tidal wave (yes, I know, horrible pun) of hate from the folks in Crimson and White. Because tweeting angrily at high school students should always be the number one concern of adults everywhere. Never change, Alabama!

Kevin Trahan has the full breakdown over at SNNation Recruiting: Tennessee commit deletes tweet about beating Alabama.

Dormady Explains Why He's Ready to Be a Vol

Wescott Eberts of SBNation Recruiting caught up with four star Vol quarterback commit Quinten Dormady (who had a slightly more measured, but still extremely excited reaction to McKenzie's commitment) at a summer 7-on-7 football competition in Texas. Eberts talked to Dormady about his commitment and excitement about the future for the Vol program. Check it out: Quarterback Recruit Quinten Dormady Excited to Be a Tennessee Volunteer.

In case you've forgotten who the [FULMERIZED] Dormady is, he's one of Tennessee's two four star quarterback commitments, neither one of which is five star athlete playing quarterback Torrance Gibson. He sat out his junior season with a torn labrum, so here are his sophomore highlights: