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Jones talking about talking about football

Jones talks about talking about the Power T and its Power, Mack Crowder leads the o-line, and Phillip Fulmer talks reasonably and not-so-reasonably about the 2014 UT football season. This and more in today's Talking Points.

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Happy Game Week, y'all.

If we know anything about Butch Jones, we know that he loves to talk about things he talks about. The latest thing he talks about talking about is the Power T. And I would say what he said he said, but frankly, I'm confused, so I'll just fall back on the quote:

"It is priorities, live it, love it, or like it," Jones said Friday," which we speak about each and every day. We talk about also, the power of the Power T. Do you love the Power T or do you love the Power of the T? The standard and expectations by which is expected here at Tennessee."

The first part, I get. And don't get me wrong, I love coach Jones, so I'm all like in the crowd clapping and cheering at the play on words, but I'm also looking around at the first opportunity to see if I'm the only one who isn't getting the importance of the distinction between the Power T and the Power of the T. But woo football, and any time we're talking about talking about football, I'm all in.

O-Line. It's no secret that the lines, both offensive and defensive, are the biggest concerns for Team 118, and center Mack Crowder is on point there. I for one am proud that it's him, because I've been impressed with him every time I've seen him interact with the media. He seems like a true leader, and I hope he leads his unit to a result that makes us all wonder why we were worried.

Fulmer Talk. Phillip Fulmer, by the way, is lamenting "not having linemen at the same time you have the skill," but is also both suggesting the reasonableness standard is at "six or seven" and the crazy talk is reaching for "eight or nine." He's going to be doing a one-hour radio show with former Vols assistant coach Doug Mathews on Thursday or Friday evenings this season, so if you want to hear him say stuff like this instead of the coachspeak he was conditioned into while on The Hill, here are the stations.

Etceteras. George Bullock and Aaron Medley are still battling for the starting kicker spot. Freshman tailback Derrell Scott is out for the opener (same link) with a foot injury. UTSports has a nice feature of dual-sport athlete Michael Williams. The Pride of the Southland Marching Band was at Bristol Motor Speedway for the race this weekend. The track also featured several promos of the upcoming Battle at Bristol between Tennessee and Virginia Tech. Big man Dominic Woodson has transferred to Tennessee from Memphis. And if you want to spend some Thanksgiving at Disneyworld watching the Vols hoops team, tickets for the Orlando Classic go on sale Friday.