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Butch Jones Press Conference Thread

Brett Deering

Butch Jones' weekly press conference is scheduled for today at noon. At the time of writing, the link was not yet available on, but they will put it up closer to the time of the event. If possible, I will be providing live updates in the comments for those who are unable to watch. If I'm unable to be at a computer at noon, let this be your reminder that the press conference is happening (unless the bye week has thrown off the schedule--check!) and it's time to watch, if you feel so inclined.

There didn't seem to be any scary injuries this week, and we probably shouldn't anticipate much news on people like Von Pearson and Trevarris Saulsberry, as the next game is not until a week from Saturday. But it will be interesting to see the tone Jones takes with the Oklahoma game after he's had a day to watch film.