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Rocky Top Locks Week 3 Recap

Hopefully Richt has saved some Richt for week five.

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Current Standings

1. I_S: 4-2 this week, 9-9 overall (50%)

1. Chris: 2-4 this week, 9-9 overall (50%)

1. KidB: 2-4 this week, 9-9 overall (50%).

There appears to be a tie of some sort atop the standings. And abottom the standings.

Chris (2-4)

Utah State (-14.5) vs. Wake Forest - Had a 22-point halftime lead, but allowed 17 third quarter points to the Clawfence to pull out the failure to cover. 0-1

Duke (-14.5) vs. Kansas - This just in: Kansas still sucks. 1-1

Baylor (-35) vs. Buffalo - Allowed 21 points, was still a touchdown clear. 2-1

Penn State (-3.5) @ Rutgers - Penn State rebounds from being shut out in the first half to score a whopping 13 points and barely not cover. 2-2.

Georgia (-6) at South Carolina - "This feels like twelve kinds of trap game action [but I'm gonna pick it anyways]." Spurrier didn't lose on a late field goal though, so Chris' worries were unfounded. 2-3.

Oregon (-43) vs. Wyoming - If Oregon cared about the spread, this would've been a good pick. And also the spread would've been 70. But when they're letting off steam in the second half, they need more than a 20-point halftime lead. 2-4

KidB (2-4)

East Carolina+11 over VIRGINIA TECH:  The Kid calls it outright, and ECU wins outright. Perhaps The Kid should copy I_S more often. 1-0.

NORTH TEXAS MEAN GREEN -3.5 over Louisiana Tech:  North Texas is usually pretty solid in Denton, so this looks like a good pick, except for that they were down by 35 with four minutes to go, so in that sense, it's a kinda terrible pick. 1-1.

Louisville-6.5 over VIRGINIA: Is it possible that Virginia is non-terrible this year? They've covered three times in a row now. 1-2

Georgia-6 over SOUTH CAROLINA: The Kid thinks Mark Richt is a professional talent squanderer. The Kid picked Mark Richt's team for some reason. Don't ask me. 1-3.

Mississippi State-13.5 over SOUTH ALABAMA:  Cruisin'. 2-3

Tulsa-1 over FLORIDA ATLANTIC:  It's possible that this really bad FAU team dropped 50 points on Tulsa. And that The Kid picked four favorites who lost straight up. That's honestly kinda impressive, I'm not gonna lie. 2-4.

I_S (4-2)

East Carolina +11 over Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech is still drunk. ECU straight up. 1-0.

Ole Mass +16 over Vanderbilt. Almost went for two straight straight up, but Ole Mass out-lost Same Ol' Vandy. 2-0

USF +1.5 over NC State. Honestly, The Kid's picture addition sums this pick up better than anything. Maybe it's time to stop believing in Willie Taggart. 2-1


Baylor -35 over Buffalo. Allowed 21 points and still won by 42. 3-1

South Carolina +6 over Georgia. Can Richt save some more Richt for week five? 4-1

Pittsburgh -25.5 over FIU. I_S spends this space talking about how Purdue always covers against Notre Dame and then doesn't pick Purdue. Purdue covers. Pitt doesn't. Good work, I_S. 4-2

How did everyone else do?