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RTT Locks, Week 4

Bizarro Week is over. Bye Week is here, so ...really, all we've got to do is pick other games.

Streeter Lecka

Last week was weird. How weird are we talking? So weird that I_S actually beat everyone else. Mistakes were made. Those responsible have been sacked. Everyone's back on even terms.

Chris's "The Defending Champions" Picks (2-4 last week, 9-9 overall)

Georgia Tech (+8) @ Virginia Tech - so, here's the thing. You just lost to East Carolina after a big win in Columbus, you've fallen off the radar again, so you maybe went out a bit last night, had a couple of beers, and now? Well, now you've got an irate Paul Johnson and a triple option team to face at noon on ESPN2 or something equally terrible. Have fun with that.

Louisville (-27) @ FIU - avoid the road favorites against sneaky-good teams (a lesson I ignored last week). Pull the road favorites against utterly terrible teams (hey, I can do that!).

Alabama (-14.5) vs. Florida - you bet on a revitalized Florida offense and against an Alabama team that might be mortal. I'm gonna point to history until I have a reason not to.

Texas A&M (-33.5) @ SMU - I originally pulled this line at -32.5. There's a decent chance this is actually another home game for the Aggies, SMU is playing the interim coach game, and the Ponies weren't that good to begin with. Where and how much do I sign?

Arkansas State (-2.5) vs. Utah State - the always-fun-but-you-feel-a-little-dirty "go against the team that just lost their best QB ever for the season again" game. I feel for Chuckie Keeton.

Arkansas (-13.5) vs. NIU - the re-emergence of surly, bitter, running-up-the-score-for-fun Bret Bielema is back! He said, before Arkansas somehow loses this game 21-7. But y'all remember those old Wisconsin teams, right?

KidB's "Better Late Than Never" Picks

Auburn-7 over KANSAS STATE:  I trust Guz Malzahn.  And, yes, I got this in on time.  See below in the comments.

ARIZONA-7.5 over Cal:  Not the best game for the Fighting RichRod's last weekend -- beating Nevada by a mere 7? -- but don't call it a comeback this week because Rich Rod's been here for years.

Ball State+14 over Toledo:  This pick is not stolen from I_S.  I promise.  But good things do happen when I_S and I agree on a doggy dogg.

New Mexico-3.5 over NEW MEXICO STATE:  Did you know that New Mexico State is Pure Trash?  #puretrash  New Mexico and their sweet sweet head coach of Bob Davie is looking for their first win, and they're going to get it.  Also, it appears that I_S also has this pick.  Let the record reflect that, while these picks were placed after the others, that none of them were stolen from others. That would be very unKidB.

ALABAMA-14.5 over Muschampionships: Wow, this fruit here is hanging really low.  Maybe I'll grab some of that.

MISSOURI-14 over Indiana:  Indiana's defense is just ghastly.  You have no idea, and I have some idea because I may have bet on them last weekend.  Or at least I would have done that if gambling were legal, which it clearly isn't.

I_S's "Milos Raonic Quality" Picks

Alabama (-14.5) over Florida. I don't really believe Alabama has fallen off as much as the WVU game might've indicated. Florida's name means nothing to me as long as Will Muschamp is the coach. At least nothing against Alabama.

Florida State (-16.5) over Clemson. I think this is a big enough game that Jameis' latest won't be a huge distraction. And I think the talent disparity is big enough that they can win handily with a backup quarterback. Georgia crushed Clemson with Hutson Mason.


Ball State (+14) over Toledo. Honestly, I have no idea what happened last week against Indiana State. But Pete Lembo is a good football coach, and it's not like Ball State wasn't competitive the week before against a semi-competent B1G team.

New Mexico (-3.5) over New Mexico State. New Mexico is bad. New Mexico State is much, much worse.

Colorado (-8) over Hawai'i. Hawai'i has looked good, but they've been in the Island. This is the first time they've left.

Nebraska (-7.5) over Miami. I am terrible at picking favorites, and I have five of them. So this is probably going to be a bad week. I just can't find many good dogs. Nebraska has been doing what they should to inferior competition, and Miami looked awful on their one road trip. Let it be known that I do not feel good about this week though.