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RTT Locks Recap, Week 4

Everyone strives for perfection. Only the best get there.

Mizzou: we're not sharing conference blame because you lost to a basketball school.
Mizzou: we're not sharing conference blame because you lost to a basketball school.
Ed Zurga

It's hard to go 6-0. If you go 6-0, you're clearly doing something right. If the people you're picking against don't go 6-0, that's just more games ahead margin for you. it also gives me a two game lead going into the meat of conference play, because you better believe I'm writing this week in first person.

Of course, the only option here is to put on more steam.

Outside of the 6-0 contingent, a rough week for the kid (which he'll blame on Sal Sunseri's defense instead of his own shortcomings, no doubt) and this makes two good weeks in a row from I_S, which is a sign of the end times or this year just being weird.

Then again, if this year is weird that's good news for Tennessee, who want to make a lot of teams' seasons go sideways.


Chris: 6-0, 15-9 overall

kidb: 2-4, 11-13 overall

I_S: 4-2, 13-11 overall

Other games you want to talk about? Do you want to make more fun of kidb's terrible week? We've got the comment section for a reason.

Chris's "The Defending Champions" Picks (6-0, because I can't say that enough)

Georgia Tech (+8) @ Virginia Tech - Paul Johnson is not the guy you want to run into at high noon after a long week spent questioning your now-terrible offense. (How the heck did the Hokies beat Ohio State?) 1-0.

Louisville (-27) @ FIU - took a while to get going (in a very literal sense: lightning delays), but FIU is so, so bad that it doesn't matter if Louisville may not be very good this year. 2-0.

Alabama (-14.5) vs. Florida - So obvious everyone picked it, but if UF had covered based on two pick-sixes and two fumble recoveries for TDs, that might've been more fun. 3-0.

Texas A&M (-33.5) @ SMU - SMU is so, so bad at football. 4-0.

Arkansas State (-2.5) vs. Utah State - OT covers still count. 5-0.

Arkansas (-13.5) vs. NIU - Arkansas is going to ruin someone's day this year, and they might be the worst team in the SEC West. (They could also win the SEC East this year.) 6-.0

KidB's "Probably Should've Been Never This Week" Picks

Auburn-7 over KANSAS STATE: How much fun is it to watch the team you picked to cover up 6 inside the opponent 25 with less than two minutes to go, only to watch them drop into victory formation? I'd feel bad for the kid after this one if he didn't pick Mizzou. 0-1

ARIZONA-7.5 over Cal: RichRod's been here for years, if by "here" you mean needing to score 22 points in the fourth quarter to win over Cal, and by "years" you mean "seriously, you needed a Hail Mary to beat Cal?" 0-2.

Ball State+14 over Toledo:  Toledo's not a good football team, since Mizzou beat them comfortably at home. 1-2.

New Mexico-3.5 over NEW MEXICO STATE:  Did you know that New Mexico State is 2-0 ATS when the kid picks against them? 1-3.

ALABAMA-14.5 over Muschampionships: kidb, racking up the wins by copying others' picks. 2-3.

MISSOURI-14 over Indiana:  Indiana's defense: ghastly. Missouri trailing for most of this game: hilarious. kidb falling 5-30% behind the pace because he backed Missouri in this game: incredible.

Mizzou's gonna get ranked 15th in the SEC Power Poll now and still might finish 5-1 against the SEC East. What a dumpster fire. 2-4.

I_S's "Milos Raonic Quality" Picks

Alabama (-14.5) over Florida. Lost in yesterday getting weird: WVU might be decent. I_S implied as much, but really, "there's no way Florida's offense can mount a sustained drive" would've been way easier. 1-0.

Florida State (-16.5) over Clemson. Someone's going to claim FSU "overcome adversity" to win this game. Also, this line dropped like a stone after news about Jameis Winston's suspension came out, not that it mattered; even the 10 AM line of -10.5 would've failed to cover. 1-1.

Ball State (+14) over Toledo. Yeah, sure, I guess if you want to roll with two-TD MAC underdogs, you be you. This doesn't sound like a sustainable strategy, but since Toledo got rolled by Mizzou they just might be terrible. 2-1.


Colorado (-8) over Hawai'i. Hawai'i on the mainland at Colorado should've been an easy call on paper. The Buffs covered, but barely. I have no idea what that means about either team. 3-2.

Nebraska (-7.5) over Miami. Miami might just be bad at football, which is a shame for Duke Johnson, who's really good at football. Al Golden might get canned, which would put him in line for the head coaching gig at UF, a hire I heartily recommend for Jeremy Foley since it means you don't even have to leave the state to hire him. Under no circumstances should you hire Ruffin McNeil, Foley. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES. 4-2.