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RTT Pick 'Em Community Trends - Week 5

Our weekly look at how our community is feeling in this week's biggest games.

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Congrats to Rollervol, who took last week's trophy in a crowded battle with six players coming within five points of the lead:

1 Rollervol 14-6 161
2 Rocky Top Talk 2014 16-4 157
3 dougdavis710 14-6 156
3 BShell12 14-6 156
3 jfarrar90 14-6 156
3 SonofaButch 13-7 156
7 mariettavol 14-6 154
8 RichVols 13-7 153
9 Thaivol 14-6 152
9 birdjam 13-7 152

Through four weeks yours truly remains the overall leader in confidence points, though our old friend birdjam holds the best straight up record at 61-19.  There are again lots of familiar names from our comment section in the Top 10 and several others just outside it - full standings found here.

1 --> Will Shelton 59-21
2 birdjam 61-19
3 OriginalVol1814 59-21
4 wedflatrock 56-24
5 ChuckieTVol 60-20
6 SonofaButch 58-22
7 VolFanatETSU 55-25
8 Davy's Picks 57-23
8 danmarcel 57-23
10 dougdavis710 55-25

This week it's not so much that there are a bunch of five-star games, but there are a ton of interesting match-ups across the board with several underdogs people are talking themselves into:

  • Tonight 94.3% like Oklahoma State to hold serve at home against Texas Tech in the opener, but the late contest is currently split 50/50 as #15 UCLA travels to #16 Arizona State.
  • There are six noon games on the slate for Saturday, including Duke getting the Cutcliffe bump from our community with 69.2% of the vote on the road as a 4.5 point underdog at Miami.
  • More than a third of Tennessee fans are all in for victory in Athens, with 33.9% taking the Vols to pull the upset in Athens.
  • It's taken one month for Vanderbilt to return to status quo, so much so that 100% of our community is picking Kentucky to take care of business in Lexington.  I know it's Vanderbilt, but it's also Kentucky, and no one would've believed that 100% number when the season began.
  • Maryland is another road underdog getting the vote of confidence from our community, with 59.6% taking the Terps at Indiana, also a 4.5 point favorite.
  • No one believes in Arkansas just yet, or rather, only one person believes in Arkansas at Texas A&M.
  • 84.6% take South Carolina to hold serve at home over Missouri.
  • All chalk in the evening:  Ole Miss over Memphis, Notre Dame over Syracuse, and Nebraska over Illinois all at 100% in our community.  Also 100%:  Louisville over Clawfense.
As always, feel free to use this as your open thread if you're watching Oklahoma State-Texas Tech and/or Arizona State-UCLA on this Thursday night.  Should be another very interesting week on tap.