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RTT Pick Em Trends - Week 2

How our community is leaning in this week's games

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Congrats to...wait, what?

1 Will Shelton 16-4 178
1 My Picks 15-5 178
3 GMU Vols picks 16-4 176
4 DCVFL 17-3 175
4 Rockypop 16-4 175
4 birdjam 16-4 175
4 VolFanatETSU 15-5 175
8 ChuckieTVol 16-4 174
8 memphispete 15-5 174
10 Air Force Vol in Texas 15-5 172
10 volfan99 15-5 172

I will say this:  my picks are always irrationally skewed towards Tennessee's best interests, so look forward to seeing me atop the leaderboard en route to 15-0 this fall.

Week Two is upon us tonight with Arizona at Texas-San Antonio, who I refuse to acknowledge as UTSA because that actually stands for the University of Tennessee at South Alcoa.  You've still got time to get your picks in for this weekend's games.  Here's how our community is feeling about that and other games this weekend:

  • 97.8% take the Wildcats on the road tonight in San Antonio.  The Roadrunners returned 21 starters from a team that lost 38-13 at Arizona last year.
  • The Vols are pulling 100% of the vote against Arkansas State.  So is Penn State against Akron, Mississippi State against UAB, and North Carolina against San Diego State.  Sorry, not a lot of great matchups this week.
  • In closer projections, 80.4% are taking Oregon over Michigan State and 76.0% take Notre Dame at home over Michigan.