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Butch Jones Press Conference Live Thread

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Now that we're back into the normal swing of playing on Saturdays, Butch Jones will have his weekly press conference at noon today, where he will wrap up the discussion of Arkansas State and look ahead to the matchup this weekend with Oklahoma. There will be a recap later this afternoon if possible, but this is your thread for live discussion. If everything is working properly, it is my habit to give live updates in the comments if I am free during the press conference, so feel free to follow along even if you aren't able to watch.

Today, we will be looking especially for updates on the injury status of Von Pearson, who appeared to have a high ankle sprain, and Ethan Wolf, who tweeted yesterday that nothing was torn, in addition to whatever bits of coachspeak Jones is willing to give us in advance of a tough matchup against the Sooners.