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Vols Easily Trounce Fighting Ferentz

The Vols have little trouble roundly dispatching the Fighting Ferentz of Iowa

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

"This is a delight."

-this guy who was watching the game.

Yes That Game Was Quite Delightful

Until it was certifiable garbagioso-el-timo the Vols were roundly spanking Iowa like the red-headed stepchild whose ambitions have either matched or exceeded their own.  We treated them like a weak B1G program is appropriately treated.  Basically, with disdain.  And you want to treat every team that way, and you will so long AS YOU CAN.

And Today We Could.

We Are Probably Not Going To Be Ranked Top 5 Next Year

Much can generally be gathered from the results of a bowl game.  But much can also be greatly overexaggerated (See Oklahoma, 2014).  I want to encourage optimism for next year, and I want to further encourage it based on what we've shown and what we're facing next year and what we have coming back.  I want to caution propping next year's team up on the basis -- either soley or largely -- on this game alone.

So enjoy this win.  This win was nice.  But this win should also be one that we can be happy that we SHOULD have won, and be mad at ourselves for really ever questioning the result contained today herein.

But most of all...this is one to enjoy.  Go Vols!