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RTT Community Pick 'Em - Week 7 Trends

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

We had a tie last week, and Raven17 took the tiebreaker by correctly picking the Vols to beat Georgia.  The Week 6 Top 10:

1 Raven17
17-3 174
1 VolinKensucky
17-3 174
16-4 172
3 MasonW
17-3 172
5 johnand20
17-3 171
6 tchismar
16-4 169
6 coach799
16-4 169
8 boro wvvol
16-4 167
8 NickDrake87
16-4 167
8 rockhopper78
16-4 167

The Top 10 for the season to date - full standings here:

1 atthejabbok 90-30 1000
2 chuckiepoo 89-31 997
3 dgibbs 89-31 995
4 boro wvvol 85-35 994
4 memphispete007 87-33 994
6 johnand20 90-30 993
7 DCVFL 85-35 991
8 RichVols 86-34 990
9 Jeffkyblue22 85-35 988
9 joeb_1 87-33 988

Here's how our community is feeling in this week's biggest games; this was the first time in a long time where I put more than 20 games in the pool on the first pass and then had to take a couple out.  It's a very good week for the Vols to be off, so you can enjoy the following (including TWO GAMES TONIGHT AND FRIDAY):

  • A large game for the narratives of both seasons in Lexington tonight at 7:00 PM ET (ESPN) as Auburn takes on Kentucky.  As the Vols try to get themselves back in the SEC East race, there's logic that says pull against Kentucky (the only one-loss team in the division behind Florida), but the Vols can handle their own business there.  I'd rather see Kentucky win in case we get the Georgia/Florida/Tennessee three-way tie that comes down to record of non-divisional SEC opponents, in which case we would want Auburn to struggle because they played Georgia.  The Vols and Dawgs both get Alabama, so the only way to beat them there is for Arkansas to finish with a better year than Auburn.  Sound crazy?  Not as crazy as Kentucky winning the SEC East.  55.5% of our readers take Auburn tonight.
  • Late tonight in a ranked match-up, 77.7% like Stanford at home over UCLA (10:30 PM ET, ESPN).
  • Tomorrow night you've got 93.1% taking BYU at home over weeknight darling Cincinnati, and 100% taking Boise State at Utah State.
  • Saturday's early slate includes Ole Miss at Memphis at noon, with 94.5% rolling with the Rebels in the Liberty Bowl.  You've also got our friends from Iowa battling Northwestern in a surprisingly huge Big Ten battle, with just 56.1% leaning toward the home Wildcats.
  • The 3:30 CBS showdown features Alabama and Texas A&M, with 75.3% taking Bama on the road.  Our readers are also all aboard the Harbaugh train, with 65.2% taking the Wolverines at home over the undefeated Spartans.
  • Saturday night 77.7% still ride with South Carolina over Vanderbilt post-HBC.  Only two readers like Missouri to beat Georgia in Athens.  And if you want Vol SEC East optimism:  one (1) person is taking Florida to beat LSU in Baton Rouge.