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Your bold predictions: How the Vols will fare this weekend and rest of season

The Vols have a match-up against Kentucky this Saturday and five total games remaining in the 2015 season. What do you think is going to happen moving forward?

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If there's one thing most college football fan bases are good at doing, it's giving bold predictions about their team, both good and bad. Tennessee Volunteer fans are no exception to that. So I decided to ask some of you for your bold predictions for this Saturday's game against Kentucky and for the rest of the Vols' regular season.

Starting with this Saturday's game against the Wildcats, many fans are predicting an offensive explosion from the Vols:

Well going for two would be something new for this team...

For the record, Dobbs' career high in rushing yards is 166 and 5 total touchdowns, and Hurd's career highs are 125 and 3 scores. Also, not sure if that prediction was for this weekend's game or for the rest of the season, but I will include it here.

That total would certainly get Hurd his career-high in rushing yards.

The Vols look like they found their pass rush over the last couple weeks, and Kentucky has given up 20 sacks on the season, one shy of last in the SEC. So this may actually happen.

This was by far the best response for bold predictions for this weekend's game. If you remember the 2011 game, then this really isn't that far off from being bold.

Now THIS would most certainly happen. *cue dramatic music*

Now we move to some combo predictions, ones with predictions about the game against Kentucky and about the remaining five regular season games.

Even though I'm predicting some not-so-close games down the stretch (my predictions are at the bottom), I could still totally see this happening. Especially with Missouri given Tennessee's struggles with them.

This is along the same lines as the previous tweet in terms of struggling with some of the last five opponents. Dobbs could certainly go for 300-100 if he stays in the game long enough against Kentucky.

The bold predictions for the rest of the season were all over the place. Some predicted success for the Vols, while others...well, not so much. A lot of fans predicted the Vols to win out, but others got a little more in depth with their predictions.

Seven more sacks would give Barnett 10 on the season, matching his total from his freshman year last season. And according to Tennessee's records, the most team rushing yards the Vols have accumulated in a game was 513 against Washington & Lee in 1951.

This one would take more than just the Vols winning out. Tennessee would have to do that and get some help from Florida. And by "help," I mean the Gators losing to Georgia and at least one other game against South Carolina or Vanderbilt. But kudos for the boldness.

I don't know, seems kinda low to me.

This was by far the most pessimistic prediction for the rest of the 2015 season. And it wasn't greeted with the most positive responses by other fans.

But back to the predictions...

Let me go on record by saying I would LOVE to see this. I think it would be a very bad match-up to play Michigan, but that would be a good bowl game. And the nod to Spurrier would be nice.

As for my predictions: I believe this Saturday won't be close for the Vols. Tennessee should handle the Wildcats with ease, and part of that will be due to Josh Dobbs. I think Dobbs can get 400-plus yards of total offense and score five total touchdowns, and I think Tennessee will score at least 40 points. As for the rest of the season, I think the Vols will run for over 300 yards in at LEAST two of the final five games this year, and I believe Tennessee should win every game by at least two scores.

Regardless of how the rest of the season goes or how this weekend's game, one thing is almost guaranteed with Vol fans: