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October 31 Live Thread

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

(This post is being thumbed live from Hardee's, where hell hath no fury like the changeover from breakfast to lunch.)

Tennessee and Kentucky will go tonight at 7:30, with the biggest game of interest before then at 3:30, when the Vols' SEC East hopes will live or die in Jacksonville.  A Florida win extinguishes all hope. A Georgia win behind a new starting quarterback moves Tennessee's chances one item down the checklist, with one additional loss from both parties needed in the first two weeks of November.

That and plenty more is on tap in a full college football Saturday. This is your live thread for all the day's action; if you are following along at home we invite you to join us in the comments below. Sign up and utilize SB Nation's best commenting system on these fine internets. We'll have a live thread for the Vols tonight; here's hoping the Cocktail Party gives us something to hope for, at least one more week.