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Tennessee Vols dominate Kentucky, 52-21

The Volunteers won every phase of the game against the Wildcats tonight in Lexington.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

In a game that really brought back the smiles, the Tennessee Volunteers domintated (in the words of Brent Musberger) the Kentucky Wildcats, 52-21. Evan Berry, who had his third kickoff for a touchdown on the season, is the man. Cam Sutton, who ran a punt back for a touchdown, is also the man. And Josh Dobbs, who threw two touchdowns and ran for another two, is definitely the man.

After a brief rough start, Tennessee was off to the races, and even hit a 75-yard bomb for a touchdown, a welcome sight to fans wondering just how successful a team could be without a deep threat. UT's defense held Kentucky to 2 of 13 third down conversions while the offense converted 8 of 15. All in all, it was a great effort for the Vols and perhaps (we hope) an indication of what to expect the rest of the way in 2015.

Will will be along shortly with his postgame, but for now, here's your celebration thread.