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Jimmy Cheek, Dave Hart "Confident there was no inappropriate conduct" with Butch Jones

The chancellor and athletic director spoke to rumors surrounding Butch Jones at a trustee meeting today.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Speaking today at the University of Tennessee's Board of Trustees meeting, Chancellor Jimmy Cheek spoke to the rumor surrounding an incident in fall camp between Butch Jones and a player:

While not a public response, this response is obviously being made public and shows Tennessee has investigated the reported incident, believes Jones is in the clear, and is moving forward in full support of its head coach.  I don't know if this was or wasn't the very best way for the university to handle it, but I do believe this response is better than silence since Jones was asked about the rumored incident in Monday's press conference.

As a tumultuous season has led to an even more so week, hopefully this helps Team 119 and the entire program put things behind them and move forward to focus on the challenge at hand as Georgia comes to Knoxville Saturday afternoon.