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RTT Guessing Game: North Texas Mean Green edition

Oh, the humanity! And the bananas.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

We have a brand new leader and some new despisers of bananas in the top five of the 2015 RTT Guessing Game this week. Full details of last week's action below.

But first -- To play this week, go to the form and submit your answers to our three questions. When you're done, come back here and paste your responses in the comments section for discussion purposes. DON'T FORGET TO HIT THE SUBMIT BUTTON. Here are my answers:

If your RTT screen name is on the list below, choose it. Otherwise, choose NEW PARTICIPANT and type your screen name in the box that magically appears.e? (Defensive or special teams) Joel Hollingsworth
In what quarter do the Vols hit 40 points? 3rd
In what quarter do we first see the backup QB? (Wildcats and other direct snaps don’t count.) 3rd
Does North Texas score 10 points or more? Yes

And now for the play-by-play of last week's action. Reminder, here's what's happening after every question:

Mushroom. Plus one point. Four of these per round, randomly distributed.

Banana. Minus one point. Four of these per round, randomly distributed.

Blue Shell. 25% chance each round of the person in last place getting one of these. Once received, it's automatically released and will travel one place (I changed this to four places in Week 7 due to it moving too slow and realizing that a player could otherwise stay ahead of it by getting all questions right. No leader escapes the blue shell in Mario Kart.) each round until it reaches the highest point total at which point it will blow up the player(s) then in first place. They'll lose two points.

Thunderbolt. 25% chance each round of someone in the bottom half of the standings getting this. When received, it's automatically released, and everyone loses a point except for the person who received and used it.

Round 1

Question: Does Josh Dobbs complete a pass that nets over 50 yards? Answer: Nope. Sixteen people got that right.

Mushrooms: Smokin Turkeys, huge alien head, bulldurham, and codman19.

Bananas: yrekacavol, SmallsVFL, NickDrake87, and volYourBase.

No new blue shells, and no thunderbolts. The lead belongs to heerb, VolFanatETSU, volundore, and Will Shelton.

Round 2

Question: Which is greater, the Vols' net rushing yards or the Gamecocks' net total yards? Answer: Gamecocks' net total yards by a long shot. Jerks. Twenty-three got a point for this. Jerks.

Mushrooms: heerb (nice!), bmwaller, brewer2111, and DailyVol.

Bananas: yrekacavol, SmallsVFL, bmwaller, and The_German.

No new blue shells, and no thunderbolts. Heerb takes sole possession of the lead, followed by VolFanat ETSU, volundore, and Will Shelton.

Round 3

Question: Do the Vols score 50 points or more? Answer: Hahahahaahhaaaaaaa. Um, no. Twenty-five people got a point for getting this right.

Mushrooms: TennVol95 in 3D!, codman19, HomeSweetHomeToMe, and atthejabbok.

Bananas: Will Shelton (take that!), Master Jedi Starkiller, PrescottAZVol, and expuppy (which, what's with that name?)

One new blue shell launches from the back. No thunderbolts. The lead belongs to heerb, with VolFanatETSU and volundore tied for second. Will Shelton, LTVol99 and Smokin Turkeys are tied for third.

Current standings:

Participant W8Q3GT
heerb 5
VolFanatETSU 4
volundore 4
Will Shelton 3
LTVol99 3
Smokin Turkeys 3
yrekacavol 2
SmallsVFL 2
Phisheadave 2
treyburdette 2
rockyboy 1
volseoc 1
IndyVolFan 1
acrawf 1
daetilus 1
Incipient_Senescence 1
huge alien head 1
RockyTop5 0
falconnuke 0
MasonW 0
Master Jedi Starkiller -1
Erik.Hancock.35 -1
jfarrar90 -1
SmokeyX -1
VolinDenver -1
NickDrake87 -1
PrideoftheSouthlandFam -1
bmwaller -1
Caban -1
keefedog -2
mariettavol -2
utkjmitch -2
chuckiepoo -2
RollerVol -2
Joel Hollingsworth -2
VolinSucktucky -2
63vet -3
LouisvilleVol -3
brewer2111 -3
bhibb37 -3
TennVol95 in 3D! -3
codman19 -3
AeroVol -4
Captennmike -4
memphispete -4
RockyTopinKY -4
bulldurham -4
RavenVol -4
HomeSweetHomeToMe -4
aurabass -5
Bruce in Louisville -5
Chris Pendley -5
JHH -5
LexVol -5
mmmjtx -5
pjmatthevill -5
stopha -5
volsohard16 -5
DailyVol -5
atthejabbok -5
volYourBase -6
Azvol -6
Raven17 -6
The_German -7
damcglade -7
DBres14 -7
goobervol -7
PrescottAZVol -8
ChuckieTVol -8
Coach799 -8
DRose -8
GiantCornelius -8
NashVol -8
smokydog -8
VFLinOregon -8
expuppy -9
Andrew Cooper -9
sjpetterson -9