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Tennessee Lady Vols vs. Penn State, 8 PM EST

Tennessee's out-of-conference run continues as a, uh, "retooled" Penn State comes to town.

I WANT YOU to call a game consistently.
I WANT YOU to call a game consistently.
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When we left the Tennessee Lady Vols, they were busy blowing the doors off Central Arkansas. Penn State, meanwhile, has had a little bit more seasoning, coming in at 2-0 with wins over, uh, Holy Cross and Fordham. And the Holy Cross win was in OT.

Yeah. This isn't your 2013-14 Nittany Lions. Last year's outfit went 6-24, including 1-11 on the road. They're--mostly--a smaller squad (Candace Agee is 6'6"), but they're not particularly efficient outside of Brianna Banks. Tennessee should have advantages across the court with the possible exception of whoever draws Banks (how are you feeling, Andraya Carter?). This should be a better matchup than Central Arkansas, but unless there's a huge slip in focus, it won't be a tough out.

The bigger questions for Tennessee revolve around who's healthy. The game against Central Arkansas had a very short rotation, with only six players making it to the stat sheet. The biggest surprise there was Kortney Dunbar, who may fit into the post rotation. However, we didn't see any of Jamie Nared, Bashaara Graves, or Nia Moore. Hopefully they were just held out as a precautionary measure and we see more of them tonight.

The other big surprise? Pace and flash. The Lady Vols were incredibly flashy and fast against a Central Arkansas squad that had no idea how to deal with it. Last season, Tennessee did more or less the same thing before settling into an inside-out squad as Isabelle Harrison and Graves got back into the rotation. The roster as presently constructed can pretty much do everything you'd ask against a Penn State team that will likely struggle with either size or pace, maybe both. Look for Tennessee to figure out which one works as they figure out how they need to work together.

No predictions as of yet as we're still working into season form on our end. This is your live thread for the game.