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Tennessee Football Top 25 Plays of 2015 #25: Jalen Hurd Lowers the Boom on Georgia

Counting down the 25 best plays of Tennessee's regular season.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

We begin our countdown of the season's best plays with one of the least important but most memorable plays on our list.  Tennessee only got three points on this drive, failing to score from the first and goal at the four yard line earned as a result of this play.  And all the bad that would follow immediately and the good that would follow eventually would overshadow this individual moment.

But the play itself produced one of the loudest "ooooooooo"s in memory at Neyland Stadium.  It was impressive before then:  on 3rd and 9 at the Georgia 15 yard line, the Vols dialed up a screen pass to Jalen Hurd.  The fact that he even gains positive yards from there is noteworthy, as a Hurd cut and a block from Coleman Thomas sprung the play.  Hurd then breaks two more tackles before he meets Georgia corner Reggie Wilkerson.  It did not go well for Reggie.