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The Nerd Down for What T-Shirt

So things didn't go so well on first and second down? No worries, because now it's Nerd Down for What.

Nerd Down for What
Nerd Down for What

As Will pointed out earlier, if you're going to subject yourself to third and long, you might as well have a certain quarterback/aerospace engineering major running the calculations, mashing the right buttons, and pulling the right levers to get the first down and extend the drive. To date, the Vols have been converting just over 45% of their third downs, good for 25th in the nation, and much of the credit must go to our favorite nerd in Big Orange.

So why should the defense have all of the fun with "Third Down for What?" Presenting the brand spanking new "Nerd Down for What" tee for those of us who love offense and Huey Lewis as much as defense and Lil John.

Nerd Down for What

So if at first you don't succeed, try again. But if that still doesn't work, never fear. Because that just means it's Nerd Down for What.