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SEC Updates: Crazy weekend results in shakeup

One division has been clinched, and the other division has changed hands.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Another weekend of college football has passed, and it turned out to be yet another exciting one that caused plenty of movement in the SEC. While one division was clinched, the other one changed leaders and had a new front-runner emerge. Not only that, but there were some upsets within the league as well.

Here are your updated SEC standings:

SEC East
Conference W/L
Overall W/L
Florida 6-1 8-1
Georgia 4-3 6-3
Tennessee 3-3 5-4
Kentucky 2-5 4-5
Vanderbilt 1-4 3-6
Missouri 1-5 4-5
South Carolina 1-6 3-6
SEC West
Conference W/L
Overall W/L
Alabama 5-1 8-1
LSU 4-1 7-1
Ole Miss 4-2 7-3
Mississippi State 3-2 7-2
Arkansas 3-2 5-4
Texas A&M 3-3 6-3
Auburn 2-4 5-4

As you see, No. 10 Florida has clinched the SEC East with three weeks remaining in the regular season. But they had to fight for the right to clinch against lowly Vanderbilt of all teams. Florida needed a late field goal to triumph over Vanderbilt 9-7 in a game that saw Vanderbilt quarterback Johnny McCrary complete 3-of-14 passes for 30 yards, and 21 of those came on the final play of the game for the Commodores. Neither offense looked like they wanted to or were capable of scoring, but the Gators survived a gritty performance by Vanderbilt and clinched the SEC East.

In the other division, No. 2 LSU and No. 4 Alabama faced off in what is consistently the biggest match-up of the SEC West every season. This season, like the last four, Alabama emerged victorious thanks to one of their best defensive performances of the season in a 30-16 win. LSU star running back Leonard Fournette was held to just 31 yards on 19 carries while Alabama's Derrick Henry ran for 210 yards on 38 carries and scored three times.With the win, Alabama took over sole possession of the SEC West thanks to Ole Miss dropping an overtime thriller to Arkansas earlier in the day.

Here's what we learned after this weekend's SEC play:

The SEC East is a hot mess

Florida may be the cream of the crop in the SEC East, but that crop is shriveled and blackened. The SEC East may be one of the worst divisions in college football this season, and that's putting it lightly. The Gators are 6-1 and playing without their starting quarterback after he was suspended for testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs, and it showed in a big way against Vanderbilt. The Gators were supposed to be bad this season, and it speaks to the overall lack of quality teams in the division that an overachieving Florida squad sits atop the standings.

Tennessee has looked better over the last few weeks after collapsing multiple times to start the season, but they struggled to beat a bad South Carolina team this weekend. Georgia has looked lost at times on offense and still lack a true offensive identity, but they've been able to beat the weaker teams on their schedule. Kentucky is improved, but they're still no better than a .500 team. And the bottom of the East is truly terrible, as Missouri, South Carolina, and Vanderbilt all have just one conference win apiece.

Missouri and Vanderbilt have very solid defenses, but neither team can score to save their lives. The two teams have the worst and second-worst scoring offenses in the entire NCAA with Missouri averaging 14.7 points a game and Vanderbilt scoring 14.8 points per game. The worst of the East is truly bad, and Florida is merely the best of the worst in the division.

Ole Miss struggles down the stretch

For the second straight season, the Ole Miss Rebels are collapsing after beating Alabama early in the season. The Rebels did it in 2014 and took themselves out the West race, and they did it again this year.

Ole Miss controlled their own destiny in the West after an impressive victory over Alabama early in the season. Even after an embarrassing loss to Florida, the Rebels still had the edge over Alabama should LSU ever lose. But Ole Miss lost to Memphis two weeks after losing to Florida, and while that didn't affect their SEC standings, it showed a chink in the armor. And this weekend Ole Miss once again failed to produce, this time dropping a game to Arkansas 53-52 in overtime. Ole Miss allowed Arkansas to convert on a 4th and 25 and then on a 2-point conversion to win the game in a shootout, dropping their third game of the season and effectively removing themselves from the West race.

Ole Miss clearly has the talent to compete in the West, but something is lacking from this program that keeps them from holding it together down the stretch. Whether it's coaching, execution, fatigue, or whatever the problem, it has to be a concern for the team that has to be addressed.

Alabama is still Alabama

Just what the headline says. Doubt the Tide all you want, hate them all you want (and opposing fan bases will definitely do that), but Alabama is still really, really good. As much as it may pain Vol fans and the rest of the SEC to admit it, the Tide have found their stride recently and are firing on all cylinders, and they definitely look like the best team in the SEC right now.

Alabama has flaws to be sure. They don't have fantastic quarterback play, and their secondary still has issues. But their front seven is one of the best in college football, and Derrick Henry is an absolute beast at running back. Alabama may not be as good as they were in previous seasons, but they certainly look good enough to win a national championship once again.