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Tennessee Football Top 25 Plays of 2015 #12: Evan Berry's 100 Yarder

Counting down the season's biggest plays.

Bryan Lynn-USA TODAY Sports

The Vols had opened up a sizable lead on Kentucky in the third quarter, but the Wildcats did manage a score to cut it to 38-21 and provide some hope.  Evan Berry eradicated that hope immediately.  I love the way Pat Ryan, filling in on the Vol Network broadcast here (and a guy who knows a thing or two about what to say during great kick returns), says, "Come on," as Berry decides whether or not to bring this thing out from five yards deep in the end zone.  Good decision:

This would be Berry's third and final return for a touchdown in the 2015 regular season, enough to make him the nation's leader in kick return average and an All-American, UT's first since his brother earned those honors back in 2009.  Berry's presence and the growing legacy of Cordarrelle Patterson presents Butch Jones with a great conversation piece when recruiting any athlete:  come to Tennessee, and we'll put you in the highlight reel on kick returns too.