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Tennessee Football Top 25 Plays of 2015 #9: Go Deep.

Counting down the season's biggest plays.

Bryan Lynn-USA TODAY Sports

The Vols didn't utilize the deep ball very much this season, and in large portions of the year didn't find a whole lot of success with the intermediate passing game.  Tennessee completed 93 passes of 10+ yards (93rd nationally) and 33 passes of 20+ yards (91st nationally).  Going deeper, the Vols landed just four completions of 40+ yards, 102nd nationally.

But Tennessee's longest pass play of the year came at a critical moment.  Kentucky went 75 yards in 14 plays to retake the lead against Tennessee 14-10 with just over five minutes to play in the first half.  You didn't get much time to be nervous:

This is A+ work by Dobbs staying alive in the pocket and getting off a clean bomb to Josh Malone, who pulls down and takes to the end zone a 75 yard touchdown pass.  You know the rest:  Tennessee scored 42 points in 18 minutes, starting with this strike, to put Kentucky to bed and begin a five game winning streak to close the regular season.  How often (and how successfully) the Vols go deep next year will be something to watch as this offense continues to evolve.